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100% Natural Cotton Hand Dyed Bandana | Indigo

100% Cotton, 100% Hand Dyed

These soft-as-silk cotton bandanas are made in small batches, using our age old ice-dye technique to create one-of-a-kind splashes of color. We start with high quality textiles and dyes to ensure an outstanding finished product, and we are confident you will fall in love with this product!

Multi-Use Functionality

Our cotton bandanas also function as Square Scarves/Neck Scarfs or Masks. Buy two and pair one with your favorite animal! Dogs also love our bandanas 🙂

Olympus Socks – Premium 100% Bamboo Hand Dyed Socks | Indigo


For some of us, putting on  pair of socks is more than a daily routine. These socks not only make a statement, but are the most comfortable socks you will ever own. Sustainably sourced & crafted with 100% Bamboo.

Every sock is created with a unique design, made possible only in micro batches. No two socks are alike, which means that if you lose one, you can always match with another pair.

Durable, Luxurious, Anti-Bacterial

Bamboo fabric is earth friendly, sustainable, and anti-bacterial. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows without pesticides & chemicals. This works to create a super soft sock that is both absorbent, and stays fresh throughout the day.


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